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標題: Liaoning snowfall snow Taoxian Airport non-stop flight to reduce the impact of f [打印本頁]

作者: dfs94a7bg5    時間: 2013-12-18 14:31     標題: Liaoning snowfall snow Taoxian Airport non-stop flight to reduce the impact of f

BEIJING,woolrich kids, March 13 Shenyang Electric (Sun Lin Shuai) reporter on the 13th from the Liaoning Provincial Communications Department learned that,abercrombie pas cher, due to the snowfall led to slippery road,abercrombie et fitch, in the province or multiple sections of freeway closed limit models. Shenyang Airport as a result of non-stop flight snow,mercurial, less affected by the snowfall. Liaoning 12th encounter a wide range of snowfall, snow levels reached in some areas. Almost continuous snowfall throughout the day on the 12th,franklin marshall bonnet, the night before to gradually stop. After the snow temperatures plunged about 10 degrees, the road began to freeze. As at 7:50 on the 13th, in Liaoning Shen ring,outlet woolrich, Fu Tong,woolrich donna, Western Cape 3 Freeway closed. Another Beijing-Harbin, Heda,franklin marshall belgique, Dan Fu,barbour uk, Shen J,barbour, Shen Dan tin, the new Lu Zhuang cover other highway sections of the closed limit models. Liaoning Province Quik station at 5:40 on the 13th news that all passenger vehicles in the station outage in. With morning temperatures are expected to rise gradually opened and the highway, the line will gradually resume operations. But this snowfall Shenyang Airport did not affect. Around 13:00, Shenyang airport yesterday afternoon and visibility was reduced to less than 400, the flight can not be normal landing. 30 minutes after the visibility increased to 550 meters, to take off the standard, the first aircraft to wait for flights departing at 13:43 CZ351 smooth take-off, inbound and outbound flights will resume to normal. In order to ensure the safe operation of the runway,franklin marshall boutique en ligne, Tao Xian airport dynamically judged based on flights between 14:50 to 15:20 in the half-hour,franklin marshall blouson, non-stop use of aircraft flight clearance time for snow removal operations, the airport flight affected by the snow to a minimum. (End)

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